Making The Case Of Marijuana For Runners

stock-photo-46877768-medical-marijuanaAll runners understand there’s nothing quite like a runner’s high. They’re running high – literally.

Some athletes say marijuana use is helping their functionality. There are even Facebook groups dedicated to remaining fit and using cannabis, like Run on Grass, plenty of ways to remain discreet, like using a subscription smokers box from Professional athletes, snowboarder Ross Rebagliati and mixed martial artist Nick Diaz , even tout marijuana as an useful training tool.

However, no one really understands if cannabis can accentuate your running skill or expertise. If cannabis is not actually dangerous in reality, no one really knows.

Most of it hasn’t been backed up by scientific research while there’s bunches of anecdotal support for the advantages of marijuana. Until more studies are done, it’s hard to say not or if it’s safe for runners to use pot. Plus, there research to be done on timing and the best strength of using marijuana.

Below are some of the potential benefits and drawbacks to using and running marijuana.

The professionals

Cannabis may helps you relax before a race and reduce your stress levels. It may help you sleep the night before.
Marijuana can lead to more risk taking behavior. This isn’t always a bad thing. Marijuana may give you the confidence to push the pace earlier on in your occasion.
Bud reduces pain. After all, this is one of the primary reasons. Plus, experts say cannabis may create a much the same experience in your body to the initial “ runner’s high” that blocks pain. This implies that marijuana may enable you to get through a tough workout.
Using marijuana improve your disposition, enhance your vision, and may aid in your attention. It may also allow you to forget traumatic experiences that are related. For instance, it’s not helpful to think of last year’s marathon calamity during this year’s race.
The cons

Cannabis can have negative impacts in your coordination. Experts warn against using bud immediately before running.
Weed may not enhance your operation. Instead, it may have the contrary effect. Using marijuana can use to short-term memory issues, reduce reaction time and your alertness, and cause more muscle fatigue. Cannabis use can also increase your heart rate, and has been linked to heart disease.
Weed may not have a calming effect on everyone. In some people nervousness raises and causes paranoia.
Smoking pot isn’t not bad for your lungs.
Oh – and it ’s not legal.

Outdoor Travel and Adventure

An Adventure Athletes Guide To Kayaking

8130001Kayaking is an enthralling experience for the ones who know all about it. However, for the athletes the story is a little different. Choosing a kayak is the first step before you can start kayaking. As there are different types of kayaks available today, such as  a fishing kayak, leisure kayaks and surf play kayaks, it is important to understand which one would suit you. The type of usage can is the main consideration here.

It is also important to understand the materials used for making kayaks, as it helps in determining the safety and ease of kayaking. Once decided, you can choose the related equipment and start kayaking. It is not just important to be able to use the kayak but it is equally imperative to learn how be to be safe while you are using the kayak.

The best and the most preferred type of kayak for athletes is the fishing kayak. It is considered to be fashionable and extremely favorable for everyone, especially for the athletes . Fishing is a good exercise and kayaking is also convenient to get into the areas of fishing without feeling very scared about it. You can find two different types of fishing kayaks today – the one on which you sit on the top, and the other that has a cockpit. Both of these are comfortable and extremely exciting to be used.

Kayaks with cockpit are generally preferred as you get a separate sitting area. With these kinds of kayaks, though, it is important to realize that water oftentimes does get into the boat. If you’re sitting in the cockpit area, there’s a good chance that you’ll end up wet.

Kayaks without cockpit are equally beneficial considering the fact that you can conveniently move your body and reach out to the shallow water to find fish. If you are a water lover and you want to spend hours in the water, these kayaks can be the perfect choice for you.

Leisure kayaks are also great for starters. As the name suggests, leisure kayaks are meant for leisure moments and they have been tailored to live up to their name. These kayaks usually have additional compartments for luggage and food allowing their owner to stay on the water for days at a time touring from place to place. These kayaks are preferably used on calm water.

Kayaks are the ultimate form of fun transportation for people who love water and fishing. With more modernized and innovative designs and creativity, more and more kayaks have been developed these days to take you on a ride and to maintain your safety as well. Unlike in the past, today’s kayaks are much safer and competent to give you a leisure time amidst the calm waters. You can relax and spend your time without worrying about your safety as the kayaks are well crafted to provide you a thrill without endangering your well-being.


Do Runners Need Protein To Recuperate & Train?

dietary-supplement-protein-powderLet’s start at the fundamentals. Let’s picture (wouldn’t it be nice!) that you are entirely injury free, and you merely need to know how much protein an everyday runner needs for their training. One option is always picking up your steak knife and digging into a giant cut of beef.

The quantity of protein someone wants when they are not training is .8 grams (g) per kilogram (kg) of body weight.
Your need for protein increases when you add in resistance or endurance training.
For optimum healing as a runner, use the following endorsements:
1.2 to 1.7 g of protein per kg of body weight.
If when training hard you don’t consume enough protein, your body will break down muscle to fuel your body on training runs.

The aim with running is to develop and maintain lean muscle mass, not break it down for fuel.
Prefer pounds to kilos? Convert your weight to pounds using this rule:
Split your present weight in pounds by 2.2
Example: 160 pound male is (160/2.2=) 72.7 kg
How much protein do YOU want?
Compute your individual protein requirement using this formula:
Your weight in kg multiplied by recommended protein intake.
Example: (72.7kg x 1.4 g of protein) = 102 g of protein per day required for a 72.7 (160lb) runner
Do I Need For My Training?
Training for a 10k – 1/2 marathon
Begin at 1.2 g of protein per kg of body weight.
If you are feeling great and you are recovering rapidly, this is an ideal amount for you.
While you are training if you find you keep getting injured or are not recovering well, you may need additional protein.
Increase your protein uptake to 1.5g per kg of bodyweight.
You can even change your protein intake based on the intensity of your training day.
On workout days that are hard, raise your protein intake to 1.5g
On simple recovery days or rest days, keep your protein consumption to 1.2g.
What’s the bottom line?
Keep experimenting with small changes in your protein intake until you see a positive difference in your recovery speed.
Training for a marathon
Give this a try while you’re devoted to following your marathon training schedule:
Begin at 1.4 g of protein per kg body weight and apply the same procedure as the 10k-1/2 marathon group.
Give yourself about a week at each protein level to ascertain if it’s the right amount for you.
What’s the bottom line?
Don’t feel like you have to observe every gram you consume.
So long as you remain within a range of about /- 10g of protein from the recommended amount for your body weight, your retrieval will be great.

Won’t Protein Cause Me to Put on Weight or Bulk Up?
All runners are hyper conscious of their weight and body size. Stress increases on our joints, and most of us know that each pound counts and need more energy. It’s additionally a common myth that carbs are protein and king . This may come a surprise, but why don’t we say this once and for all: So, what does make us bulk up? Heavy resistance training, in combination with a high protein diet, will increase muscle mass and weight. Here’s the deal: Endurance training with the right amount of protein enable you to train harder on workout days by fixing and growing lean muscle mass and will simply ease more rapid recovery.

Is Chocolate Milk a Great Restoration Beverage for Runners?
Chocolate milk has been toted as a fantastic healing beverage for runners, but is it really all it’s cracked up to be?
Nutritionally when you break down an 8 ounce glass of reduced fat chocolate milk, you get:
190 calories
5 g of fat
2 g fiber
24 grams of sugar
This isn’t awful, but chocolate milk does lack a number of key amino acids vital for best recovery.
Chocolate milk doesn’t supply the body with the amino acid L-Glutamine, which can boosts the immune system and can help handle soreness, pains, and aches by reducing inflammation.

Does chocolate milk compare to a protein shake?
Let’s take a healing milkshake almond milk, 1/2 cup blueberries, and 1 scoop protein powder
180 calories
3.5 grams of fat
8 g sugar
26 g protein

In addition to having more than three times the amount of protein, 3 times less and less fat sugar, this particular protein shake offers 5,000 micrograms of L-glutamine.
Calorie for calorie, the protein milkshake with blueberries is a healthier recovery drink than chocolate milk. There are loads of options of high quality protein powders, nutritional supplements, and milk choices that come in a chocolate flavor if it’s the chocolate you crave.

Do I Want A Protein Supplement?
Ascertaining whether to take a protein supplement depends on what your days that are conventional look like. Here is a typical 2500 calorie day, for a 160 pound male, who runs somewhat (5 days a week), but works a sedentary job. Remember, this runner from the example above needs 102 grams protein a day, but here is what they currently have:
Apple 2 tbsp peanut butter = 8 g protein
5oz Baked Chicken Tenders 1 cup brown rice 1 cup steamed vegetable = 25 g protein
1/2 cup ice cream = 4 g protein
Total protein: 82 g
82g of protein is 20g of protein less than the 160 pound guy in this scenario needs to have as you can see.
Check this out:
His body will not have the ability to rebuild or fix the muscle fibers if this 20 grams protein deficit continues over a chain of days and he’ll begin to lose muscle mass.
He may notice an increase in general fatigue and a slowing of work out pace and his typical simple run.
Obviously, these are results runners desperately need to prevent.
Adding a protein bar or a protein shake is a simple fix for this protein deficit diet.

Try this:
Protein Almond Milk 26 g protein
Grande iced caffe latte 1 cup oatmeal & fruit
Tuna salad sandwich chips banana = 30 g protein
Apple 2 tablespoons peanut butter = 8 g protein
5oz Baked chicken tenders 1 cup brown rice
If adding a shake takes an excessive amount of time in your hectic schedule, try mixing some protein into your morning oatmeal and grabbing a protein bar for a snack.
See the post I wrote on Healthy Energy Bars for Runners to find the bar that fits best with your daily diet and nutritional requirements.
Getting enough protein to match the amount of running you’re doing is very important, as you can see, and it’s something that often requires some preparation.
A typical diet doesn’t always provide enough protein for the serious runner.
Protein consumption changes on your own individual circumstance as it is possible to see, but hopefully this can help you understand how to figure out your best intake for your running.


Does Deer Antler Spray Really Benefit Athletes?

0410_whitetailbuckSometimes dietary supplements come from the most unimaginable places. It can be mind-blowing to think about how someone comes up with many of them. Take, for example, deer antler spray. It may seem like something new that athletes are turning to for improving recovery time when injured, but the reality is that it has been harvested for many centuries for its numerous health benefits.

While the NFL, MLB, and the World Anti-Doping Agency all list it as a banned substance it’s simply the purest deer antler velvet extract. These bans do not negate the fact that it has been used for boosting the immune system, aiding in handling stress, and increasing strength for a long time. Use of deer antler velvet dates back over 2,000 years in China, where it is used for joint inflammation, infertility issues, and hypertension. More recently, it was used in the 1980s by Russian athletes experienced such improvement that they set a number of records at the Olympics.

Where Does Deer Antler Spray Come From?

The quality of deer antler spray is directly affected by various factors, including what animal it came from and what the diet of that animal was before harvesting. Although the name would imply it comes from deer, it can also be harvested from caribou, elk or moose.

What is it Comprised of?

The velvet from antlers is a natural source of a number of helpful components, namely collagen, chondroitin, and glucosamine. Not only are these components helpful for athletes but also those suffering from osteoarthritis. It also has female and male hormones to supplement IFG-1 levels which can be depleted during intensive workouts.

Does it Really Work?

While there hasn’t been extensive testing so thus no clear evidence that deer antler spray for athletes is effective, there are many that swear by it. Back in 2013, it made the news that Ray Lewis may have used deer antler spray to recover from a torn triceps, sparking a debate about whether this product gives an athlete an unfair advantage. The end result was that it became a banned substance in professional sports, but since it is not easy to detect with a drug test, it is likely that many are still using it.

How Do You Use it?

That is the beauty of this supplement. If you hate taking pills, you will love it because it is a spray that you just spray into your mouth. The typical dosage is five sprays under your tongue twice a day, morning and night.

Deer antler spray may be the ideal supplement for you even if you are not an athlete, but it is especially coveted by those that really put their body through rough paces. If you are a competitive athlete, this just might be what you are looking for to achieve your fitness and statistical goals.

Outdoor Travel and Adventure

How to Find the Best Grand Canyon Adventure Vacation Deals

Grand-Canyon-Sunset-Free-Wallpaper-Stock-Photos-3002The grand canyon has to be one of the most popular tourist attractions anywhere in the world, especially for outdoor adventure enthusiasts. Everyone has heard of the grand canyon and would love to visit. This popularity means that it can actually be very expensive to book a vacation here unless you use the top Grand Canyon rafting search engine. This guide will show you some simple tips to get a trip to the grand canyon for a bargain price.

Be as Flexible as Possible

The more flexible you can be, the more money you can save. If you have children for example then you would need to travel in the school holidays which is more expensive. If you are looking for a great value trip then you should try to travel out of season. If you travel before or after the school holidays then you will be able to save a fortune.

Everything will be cheaper when the kids are at school. Both airfare and accommodation costs will be much cheaper in the off peak season.

Book in Advance

If possible you should book your vacation to the grand canyon as early as possible. The sooner you book, the more money you can potentially save. ideally, you need to be booking your vacation now for next year. This will ensure you are getting the best deal available. Last minute deals are occasionally a good price, but this is very rare when visiting somewhere as popular as the grand canyon.

Shop Around

The best way of saving some money on your trip to the grand canyon is to make sure you shop around. Don’t just book the first deal you find because you don’t know whether it is a good deal or not.

Try not to get pressured into making a decision about a holiday booking there and then. You must be given the opportunity to compare deals. This will allow you to ensure you are paying the very best price.

Don’t Always Assume Online is Cheaper

These days almost everyone will assume the Internet is always cheaper. This might normally be the case, but it isn’t always that way. Consider looking in regular travel agents too. Sometimes the big travel agents have very good special offers on which can make it cheaper.

If you’ve got time then it is always worth quickly checking out the price of a grand canyon holiday on the high street as well as online, it might surprise you.

Once you have offline prices it is then very easy to quickly compare with the online travel agents. You can then book with whoever is the cheapest or offers the best value package.

Stay off the Beaten Track

The most popular hotels around the grand canyon will book up early and also be quite expensive. try staying in a less well-known part of town. You could also save money by booking a room with a site like Airbnb rather than booking a traditional hotel room.

The best ways to save on a grand canyon vacation are to be flexible and book in advance. Also, be on the lookout for any voucher codes or special offers.

Running Injuries

Why Outdoor Athletes Need To Worry About Their Skin

206526671-skincare-naked-touching-cosmeticsOutdoor athletes expose their body to many grueling exercises, but it is worth the effort. They get a chance to keep their body fit as no one else can. For example, they experience nature and all its splendor unlike people who work out in the gym. However, they also face a unique challenge that indoor athletes do not have to think about during their physical activities. This unique challenge is the dangers that come with exposing their skin to the sun. This exposure leads to sun damage because UV radiation hits their skin continuously and mercilessly. Persistent exposure without remedial action may lead to skin wrinkles, discoloration, and at times, skin cancer. You can minimize your risk of developing these complications by simply taking care of your skin as you carry out your outdoor activities or checking out something like this Balshi Dermatology Delray Beach. Here are some tips on skin care for outdoor athletes.

You should always use sunscreen.

Technically, your skin is the largest organ in your body protecting all other internal organs. Unfortunately, your skin has to deal with outside elements such as UV radiation and extreme temperature changes on its own. You can help it deal with UV rays from the sun by simply using sunscreen. Sunscreen contains a combination of organic and inorganic compounds. The organic ingredients in it absorb ultra violet radiation from the sun and then dissipate it as heat. In contrast, inorganic ingredients in it scatter or reflect UV rays from the sun. It means that organic compounds within sunscreen deal with UV rays the inorganic compounds are unable to scatter or reflect. As you can now tell, sunscreen is critical to skin care especially during hot days such as summer. It would be unwise for anyone to step outside without a sunscreen especially an athlete whose skin is likely to stretch and crack because of the exercises he will do.

You should moisturize your skin and wear protective clothing.

Dry skin is common in many outdoor athletes because their skin is constantly working against the elements in its surrounding. It normally toughens up and assumes a dry texture. Swimmers are particularly at risk of always having dry skin as soon as they leave the pool because the water they swim in has chlorine. Most chlorine compounds absorb water even from the skin. Skin moisturizers are readily available for outdoor athletes to use and it will keep their skin from cracking. Outdoor athletes may also experience tightened and rough skin because of dehydrated skin in addition to intense itching. Wearing protective clothing such as hats and sunglasses among others also serves to protect your skin from damage by the sun’s rays.

You should eat well.

Skin care for outdoor athletes also means eating food that will keep your skin healthy, smooth, and supple. The first food items to go for are those that contain antioxidants. For example, fruits and vegetables are rich in anti-oxidants. Dark berries are always a good and delicious choice when it comes to keeping your skin healthy. Nuts also contain selenium among a host of other minerals that are important to the health of your skin. Moreover, fish contains omega-3 acids that will help your body as well as your skin function properly. Finally, drink an adequate amount of water to keep your body hydrated. Sweating will also open your skin pores allow it to look radiant in addition to keeping it healthy. However, remove skin sweat as soon as possible so that it does not clog the same pores it opens.

Running Injuries

Dealing With Shin Splints As A Runner

bigstock-Serious-osteopath-massaging-th-39351412Physiotherapists like these experts of physical therapy in Portland, analyze and keep an eye on the degree, intensity and reason for shin splints. Your therapist informs and guides you to avoid additional tissue damage but also ensures that your healing and recovery does not impact your athletic endurance and full range of movement. Physiotherapists initially suggest workouts and activities to deal with the discomfort signs like using RICE treatment that consist of rest, and ice treatment of the impacted area

Often, laborious exercise, particularly including the lower limbs like running or running on tough surface areas or unequal premises produce moderate to serious discomfort along the anterior element of shins. If you are experiencing serious throbbing discomfort without running or with moderate physical activity, you might be experiencing shin splints (likewise understood as median tibial tension syndrome) due to moderate to extreme injury to the muscles or tendons of anterior or posterior compartment of leg. Shin splints consist of muscle sprains, tension fractures of long bones of leg and compartment syndrome.

Shin splints are marked by discomfort along the external element of leg (listed below the knee) that exacerbates after activity, the skin in the area of shin is hyper-sensitive, red, swollen and warm to touch, the discomfort does not vanish entirely with rest, swelling along the external element of shin, in compartment syndrome, swelling of fascial compartment can enhance the danger of irreversible damage to muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves and vessels.

According to the research study performed by Roger H. Michael recommended that soleus syndrome is one of the leading causes of shin splints. Sports activities (hiking, contact sports, running sports, marathon runners) and particular occupational activities like marine employees, ballet dancers are at greater threat of establishing shin splints. Any activity that enhances imbalance in the stretch or stability of anterior group of muscles or posterior group of muscles enhances the danger of shin splints.

Routine physical treatment, particular adjustments in way of life likewise assist in avoiding shin splints. Constantly use ideal fitted and best sized shoes; using too tight shoes or loose shoes while running, throughout sports activities enhances the threat of shin splints. Constantly carry out heat up workouts prior to running or energetic muscle activities, prevent working on irregular tough and unequal surface area, do not over tension or over apply your musculoskeletal system, usage custom-made orthotics to fix limb length inconsistency for much better positioning and effective movement.

Setting up treatments that promote recovery of median tibial tension syndrome, your physical therapist likewise keeps an eye on the pattern and nature of physical activity to lessen the danger of future injuries. Physiotherapists likewise supply essential training and heat up workouts that reduces the tension on ligaments, muscles, bones and joints. Your physiotherapist will examine and study your Running and Gait with the assistance of specialized gadgets for efficient biomechanics by upper body carriage, observing the increase of knee, stride frequency and the position of foot and leg at the time of foot strike on ground.

Mental Benefits

How Running And Exercise Helps Your Brain Chemistry


Serotonin is a brain chemical that assists move messages throughout the worried system. This neurotransmitter carries out numerous functions, consisting of controlling state of mind, hunger and the sleep/wake cycle. Taking in particular foods assists promote the production of serotonin in the brain– therefore does workout.

Impact of Workout on Serotonin
Routine workout enhances the level of tryptophan in the brain (an amino acid utilized to produce serotonin). The specific system is not plainly comprehended; nevertheless, it is clear that aerobic workout enhances state of mind through enhancing brain serotonin levels.

According to the National Institute for Health and Medical Quality, of the United Kingdom, workout enhances brain serotonin function in people. Routine workout enhances the level of tryptophan in the brain (an amino acid utilized to produce serotonin). The specific system is not plainly comprehended; nevertheless, it is clear that aerobic workout enhances state of mind through enhancing brain serotonin levels.

Serotonin and Anxiety
The rest is manufactured in nerve cells of the brain; it’s here that serotonin affects state of mind. Numerous neurotransmitters work in consistency to affect state of mind, serotonin is one of the most vital.

Workout Suggestions
Aerobic workout, consisting of walking, running, cycling, swimming (amongst others) appear to be the most efficient at enhancing serotonin synthesis in the brain. Well, it explains the impact of “feel great” neurotransmitter chemicals launched throughout workout that raise state of mind throughout and after an exercise. The optimum quantity of workout required to improve serotonin synthesis in the brain is 3 hours weekly, or 30 minutes most days of the week.

Running Races

How To Prepare For Your First Race


Even for experienced racers, the days prior to a race can be stressful. With all the hope and effort that you’ve purchased your goal occasion, you want to arrive at the beginning line feeling calm, healthy, and prepared to run your best. Here are a couple of reminders to keep you on track in the crucial days and hours prior to the starting gun fires, and to help you recover after you cross the finish line.


Stop stressing. 10Ks and 5ks are hugely positive neighborhood occasions. You get to spend an early morning with strangers cheering you on, feeding you and providing water, and celebrating doing something healthy for yourself. Everybody worries that they’ll be last, but do not stress. In all probability, you won’t be. Individuals with an extremely large range of abilities and levels of fitness do 5Ks, and many individuals simply go to walk them from start to finish.

Cover the route in advance. If you can, exercise on the path where the race will take location so you can get acquainted with where you’ll need to push and where you can travel. Discovering the race start beforehand will prevent you from getting lost on race early morning!

Your best bet is to consume whatever has actually worked finest for you– that’s offered you a boost without distressing your stomach– throughout your regular weekday runs. Do not consume anything heavy within two hours of the race.

Prepare the night prior to. Set out your equipment and get as much sleep as possible- goal for 8 hours.

Even for skilled racers, the days before a race can be stressful. With all the hope and tough work that you have actually invested in your goal event, you want to show up at the beginning line feeling calm, healthy, and prepared to run your finest. Here are a couple of tips to keep you on track in the critical days and hours before the starting weapon fires, and to help you recover after you cross the surface line.

If you can, work out on the route where the race will take place so you can get familiar with where you’ll require to push and where you can cruise. Finding the race start beforehand will avoid you from getting lost on race morning!